Political Advocacy

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Through the following political work for LGBT human rights in Tanzania, we seek to improve the understanding and recognition of an inclusive and diverse perception of gender identity and sexual orientation:

• Protecting and promoting LGBT’s human rights. We lobbied and persuaded the Tanzania AIDS Commission to include the rights of LGBT in the Anti-Stigma Reduction Strategy. We have also been vocal in insisting that LGBT human rights are guaranteed in Tanzania’s new constitution, which is currently being written.

• Mobilization of support for LGBT’s rights at grassroots level through networking and empowerment of community based organizations (CBOs).

• Monitoring policies and legislation that infringe upon LGBT human rights, and sharing that information with the global community.

• Establishing national and regional networks to promote and advocate for LGBT’s human rights.

• Training in leadership and advocacy for public advocates on LGBT’s human rights. We provided training in how to combat anti-LGBT ignorance and prejudice for thirty local leaders in 2010. Tanzanians need to learn that we are normal people, not dangerous and immoral. With greater funding, we can train more local leaders and continue the fight against ignorance and abuse.

• Eradication of discrimination and violations of LGBT rights through legal and policy reform. One of our greatest goals is to repeal the penal code (section 154) that criminalizes homosexuality.