Our History

In 2009, a group of LGBT Africans in Dar es Salaam founded LGBT VOICE TANZANIA out of a desire for a more just society that values diversity, where discrimination does not exist, where people live fully with pride and confidence, and celebrate their unique strengths. Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered and Bisexual Tanzanians simply seek, and deserve, the same things all Tanzanians do:

  • to take care of each other and our families
  • to have good jobs,
  • to support our neighborhoods
  • to publicly serve our local, national, and religious communities

Since our founding, We have worked tirelessly in direct aid to individuals in crisis, health care access, political advocacy, and /qurium/lgbtvoicetz.org/education.htmlmedia. Our latest and most ambitious project is to document the needs and challenges faced by LGBT people in Tanzania.Using in-person interviews, we propose to survey at least 800 individuals including service providers, law enforcers, teachers, employers, legal officers, parents and relative of  LGBT and landlords-

The survey will assess:

(1) the existence and impact of discrimination and harassment by Tanzanian law enforcement;

(2) the existence and impact of discrimination in public services – including access to health services;

(3) discrimination and harassment in employment.

(4) discrimination and harassment in schools and in the family

We can’t do it alone, though. You can make this dream a reality with a donation through our partner, Global Giving.