Crisis Aid

LGBT VOICE provides immediate aid to people in crisis situations

When a LGBT person is denied access to health clinics or hospitals because of homophobia, we help them find health care at private clinics, at discounted rates. With your help, we are creating the first clinic in Tanzania where LGBT can be treated for free.

If a person is evicted from his or her dwelling by a landlord simply because of anti-LGBT prejudice, we negotiate with the landlord for additional time, so that we can find the person new accommodations. You donations will enable us to provide a safe house in the near future, for temporary shelter.

When parents or relatives throw a person out of their home for being LGBT, we help them find a new place to live and avoid homelessness.

When a LGBT student is expelled from school for discriminatory reasons, we help them obtain private classes and sit for their exams as private candidates. Without our intervention, these bright young people would not complete their education.

If the situation becomes intolerable for a LGBT person in Tanzania, we help them obtain  asylum in other countries.

We file claims and attempt to gain compensation for employees who were fired from their jobs solely because of anti-LGBT discrimination. Although we have won compensation from one employer, your donation will help us hire a legal officer to prosecute more of these cases.

We’ve managed to force the police to drop false charges that were filed against several gay men, simply because they were gay.

LGBT persons in Tanzania constantly face stigma and discrimination, harassment and arbitrary arrests, alienation from family and faith, and lack of access to social services including health, justice, housing, education, and dignified livelihoods.