Best 3 CBD Creams in the United Kingdom

From Empe

CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

250 mg CBD

EMPE's CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Apply EMPE’s CBD Muscle and Joint cream onto the effected area before massagaging the targeted joints. Once applied wait for the effects of the CBD lotion to start. Apply more lotion throughout the day as needed.

  • 3.3 oz of Hemp Based, Broad Spectrum CBD Cream
  • 250 mg CBD in package
  • 76 mg CBD / 1 oz serving
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CBD Cream

Apply to skin every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

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EMPE USA is an online retail store based in the United States of America that offers quality cannabidiol products of a wide variety. As a company located in the USA, all our hemp and CBD brands are grown, harvested and manufactured locally. From the location of production, till the goods get to our retail stores, our team of quality assurance personnel are always careful to ensure our products are safe and well handled. Ultimately, we only guarantee excellence in our business such that our customers would have absolute trust in our brands.


From MaxCBD Wellness

Anti Aging CBD & Collagen Cream

250 mg CBD

MaxCBD's Anti Aging CBD & Collagen Cream

This MaxCBD CBD Cream is formulated to Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Increase the regeneration of skin cells & Absorb easily in the skin. This silky smooth cream is great for sensitive skin.

  • 81 g of Hemp Based, CBD Isolate CBD Cream
  • 250 mg CBD in package
  • 4 mg CBD / 1 g serving
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CBD Cream

Apply to skin every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

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At MaxCBD we firmly believe you deserve the best, which is why we ensure that our CBD products are produced from the whole plant. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our customers and support your overall well being. Discover our premium products, and find out why our quality is unmatched.


From Calm by Wellness

Hemp CBD Lavender Lotion

200 mg CBD

Calm by Wellness' Hemp CBD Lavender Lotion

Soothe your skin and get pain relief. Moisturize every part of your body with our ah-mazing lavender scented CBD lotion. Combining 200mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, with 100% organic ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, and lavender extracts, you’ll be coming back for more. Heal your skin with the moisture of lotion and power of CBD.

  • 2 oz of Hemp Based, Broad Spectrum CBD Cream
  • 200 mg CBD in package
  • 100 mg CBD / 1 oz serving
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CBD Cream

Apply to skin every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

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Calm by Wellness

We are a community of doctors, scientists, farmers, researchers, and everyday people who have made Calm by Wellness the most recommended Hemp CBD oil in the world. How? With more verified reviews and testimonials than any other brand. We’re not here to make any medical claims, but let the stories of thousands of customers around the world tell us how they feel, and the difference Calm by Wellness CBD has made in their lives. There’s a difference in our CBD oil. We’ve developed one-of-a-ki