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The Daily CBD Capsules by Prima | Product Review

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'The Daily' CBD Oil Capsules by Prima - Product Review

Prima is a CBD company that knows how to use CBD best – daily and consistently with a focus on quality.

We believe that daily use of CBD (compared to random, or as-needed) has the greatest wellness impact. Taking CBD at regular intervals keeps a little bit of CBD in your system, which is enough for your body to stay in cannabinoid-driven 'healing mode'. Prima's 'The Daily' Premium CBD Capsules are designed for the person who takes this to heart, and chooses to make a CBD capsule part of their daily routine.

We tried 'The Daily' capsules for two weeks here are our thoughts and recommendations.

Choosing Quality

If you're going to invest your money and most importantly, yourself, in a supplement, it's important to choose one of uncompromising high quality. You want to make sure the materials going into your body are nourishing, pure, clean and strong. Prima values this as well, and it is evident in 'The Daily'.

At the core of each 'The Daily' capsule is 15mg of Hemp Cannabinoids. Publicly available lab reports verify these capsules are very high in CBD, have no THC, and have minor amounts of other cannabinoids like CBC, CBL and CBDV. They are also high in terpenes like ß-Caryophyllene, Limonene and Pinene, each of which has reported therapeutic effects.

Beyond cannabinoids, Prima adds Clove, Black Pepper and Curcumin essential oils to 'The Daily' capsules. Each of these is considered to provide additional supplemental value.

Clove – Clove is an antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic (Ref 1) and has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. (Ref 2). 'The Daily' capsules have a pleasant clove smell.

Curcumin (from Turmeric root) – Curcumin is a well known medicinal plant (Ref 3,4,5). Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory and may reduce risk of heart disease, cognitive decline, arthritis, depression and many more conditions. Curcumin is something we love to see in any health supplement.

Black Pepper – Black pepper has also been used throughout human history for its medicinal benefits. (Ref 6, 7) Current research suggests pepper may be a strong promoter of brain health, balanced blood sugar and healthy cholesterol levels (Ref 8,9,10). Black pepper is also synergistic with Curcumin - when they are both present (such as in these capsules), your body absorbs 2000x more Curcumin. (Ref 11)

Full-Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & CBD Isolate

One indicator of a product's quality is whether it contains "Full Spectrum CBD", "Broad Spectrum CBD" or "CBD Isolate". Prima uses "Broad Spectrum" which we believe is the best choice in Hemp CBD consumer products today.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – 'Full Spectrum CBD Oil' is a term that refers to either a Hemp or Cannabis Oil which has had all the natural Cannabinoids left in. 'Full Spectrum" may indicate that a product has significant levels of THC in it, so closely check each product's labeling to be sure.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – 'Broad Spectrum CBD Oil' refers to Hemp or Cannabis Oil that has had some cannabinoids removed. The cannabinoid THC is often removed so the THC content can be below a legal limit, or to appeal to consumers who wish to avoid THC. "Broad Spectrum" and "Full Spectrum" CBD products are shown to have a greater impact than CBD Isolate Products. (Ref 12)

CBD Isolate – 'CBD Isolate' is pure CDB molecules which have been removed from a hemp or cannabis plant. CBD Isolate is a white crystalline powder, which is then mixed with a base oil (such as coconut, or olive) to form a CBD Oil Tincture. CBD Isolate is the least expensive option and seems to have slightly less effect than Broad and Full Spectrum products. A final advantage of CBD Isolate products are that since they contain no cannabinoids other than CBD, they minimize chances of THC showing up on a drug test.

All of Prima's products are made with a "whole hemp extract" (a.k.a. "Broad Spectrum"). This means any product you buy from them will have a broad cannabinoid profile, which is ideal for getting the most impact from your CBD products.

Prima's 'The Daily' Premium CBD Capsules contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and a number of naturally synergistic compounds, such as Clove, Pepper and Curcurmin.

Capsules vs Inhalables, Edibles & Drops

There are many ways to take CBD:

- Capsules
- Sublingual Tinctures (Drops)
- Edibles (Gummies, Chocolates)
- Topical (Creams, Salves, Lotions, Balms)
- Smoking (Dry Hemp Flowers)
- Vape (CBD Vape Oils or Dry Flower)

Capsules are a common choice, as they provide a few distinct advantages over all the other product forms:

Capsules are Consistent Doses - Each capsule contains an identical dose of ingredients. This means you don't have to worry about over or under doing it. Dosing some of the other methods is not as easy as taking capsules. If using an oil tincture, giving yourself the same amount of drops each time can be challenging. Edibles are often too tasty and tempting, so they get eaten quickly. Smoking and vaping also give varying doses. Capsules give you ease of consistency, which saves you money (by reducing waste) and delivers your system a balanced, predictable dose.

Capsules are Easy to Take - Capsules are familiar and almost everyone can take a capsule with ease. They are also taste free, so are preferable to some people over an oil tincture.

Capsules are Clean (a.k.a. Mess Free) - Taking a capsule is as simple as removing it from the bottle and swallowing it. No fuss, no prep-work, no mess to clean. Oil drops can be oily and spilly. Flower can leave plant matter all over the place. Creams require rolling up your pant legs (or accessing wherever you're applying it) and washing off your hands afterwards. Capsules keep it simple and we like that.

'The Daily' CBD capsules are golden on the outside and the inside (yes, we broke one open to take a look!). We love the warm healthy looking color of these premium capsules.

Healthy Farming and Processing

The quality of the hemp used to create your CBD products is paramount. Farming and processing methods can vary, but there are a few best practices we like to see in the creation of our CBD products:

Organic - Prima hemp is grown using only organic principles as defined by the United States National Organic Program (NOP).

Local / Domestically Grown - Hemp grown in the USA is subject to stricter farming compliance laws than elsewhere, and that's a good thing. All of Prima's hemp is grown in Oregon on family farms, using sustainable farming practices.

CBD Extraction Method - To create CBD products, the cannabinoids must be removed from the hemp by one of several methods. Some methods use dangerous chemicals and may leave dangerous byproducts in the final product. Prima avoids this issue entirely by using the cleanest, purest method of CBD Extraction, Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

Care has been put into every aspect of Prima products, including the packaging. We love their design and think their packages are worthy of being put on display.

How a CBD Product Effects you Individually

Finally, the most important thing about any CBD product is how it effects you individually. Every person is different and every CBD product is different.

Anyone who has tried CBD will tell you that it works, and anyone who has tried more than one CBD product will tell you they each work differently. Even products with similar seeming ingredients lists can vary in their effect, due to the composition of the original plant material, processing methods and added medicinal elements. It is important to try a variety of CBD products to develop an understanding of the range of effects they can provide. Ultimately, you can find a product which works ideally for you, but we recommend you try several before you settle on one.

Our testers took Prima 'The Daily' capsules every day for two weeks and here is how we describe our experience.

"Warm, Fuzzy, Joy" - The "feel" of 'The Daily' capsules is distinct and noticeable. The most common words we heard were "Warm" and "Joy". Our testers said the capsules seemed to have a warming effect, both in terms of mood and in a physical sense. We wonder if the clove, pepper and curcumin in the capsules were responsible for this 'warming' effect felt so ubiquitously.

"Fast Acting" - Our testers were surprised at how quickly feeling the subjective impact of this CBD capsule came over them. It was within 1 hour of taking a capsule, which is quicker than our experience with other oral products.

"Sedative" - Our testers felt a mild sense of sedation, which we hold as a great thing. It is as if a firm sense of relaxation accompanies you through your day. We were still able to do anything we wanted - drive, work, socialize - but there was a present sense of 'ease' throughout all activities.

"Heat" - We described a 'warmth' that some of our testers felt, but some of our testers described an even stronger "Heat". One tester in particular, recovering from a surgery, reported a strong heat sensation in the area of the surgical scar, and also a lessening of soreness in the area.

Overall, we felt positive physical and emotional impacts from taking Prima's 'The Daily' CBD capsules.

'The Daily' by Prima | A Recommendation

Prima's 'The Daily' CBD Capsules are well priced, but they are considered a premium product because they score well against all of our most important criteria.

Prima is a company with a true message and vision. They are self-proclaimed "wellness advocates, science enthusiasts and changemakers with a deep respect for nature."

Prima uses 'whole hemp plant extract', which is another way of saying 'Broad Spectrum'. This is the ideal type of CBD in today's products. The capsules contain all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoids, and sterols in the hemp which work together to provide a whole plant impact.

Prima has expertly combined CBD Oil with Cloves, Black Pepper and Curcumin – three plants which work synergistically with CBD to amplify the anti-inflammatory & other therapeutic effects of 'The Daily'.

Prima products use hemp farmed using organic principles in the USA. They extract and purify their hemp using CO2 supercritical fractionation to remove waxes, chlorophyll, pollutants and THC. This means all Prima products were born out of healthy farming practices, clean extraction processes and a quest for true quality.

Finally, our testers stand behind 'The Daily' experience. We definitely felt the strong effects of 'The Daily' and would describe it as enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic.

If you would like to try 'The Daily' or any of Prima's other wellness, skincare or healthcare line, click here to visit Prima's website and online store.

Prima is holding a special sale right now to help reduce stress during this time. Get 50% off all Prima CBD supplements. Click Here To Visit Prima's 50% Off Sale Page. Use discount code DESTRESS50 to get this discount on your supplements.

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