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Is R+R Medicinals a Good Brand?

R+R Medicinals Overview

CBD Brand: R+R Medicinals
Hemp Source: Organic Hemp grown in Colorado USA.
Price: Very Affordable
Countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, UK and the USA.
Top Products: Organic CBD Oil Tincture

Is R+R Medicinals the Best CBD Oil Brand?

R+R Medicinals may very well be the best CBD oil brand in the world, seriously. And it all comes down to the quality of their CBD Oil Tincture. We have reviewed over 200 brands and R+R Medicinals gets our award for Best Overall CBD Tincture. Their CBD oil is tasteless, effective and well priced.

R+R Medicinals CBD Oil has the Best Taste

CBD Oil can taste like many things - it can taste like the carrier oil (olive oil, MCT...), like chlorophyll (in unfiltered products), like cannabis terpenes or like a flavoring agent (banana, watermelon...). Our favorite oils are the ones with almost no taste, and this is why R+R is our has won our award for best oil - it stands apart as the distinctively best tasting oil.

Most of the CBD oils we reviewed taste like a flavoring agent, and honestly, it's never that good. Added flavors such as apple, banana, berry and even "natural flavors" just don't do it for us - the taste is always too strong and off-putting. Others reek of chlorophyll - a component of hemp plants which is sometimes left in the CBD oil - we find it unpleasant. Others taste like olive or coconut oil. Simply put, we don't like any of these tastes, they're all too dominant and mar our CBD oil experience. This is where R+R Medicinals has really found a place to excel - they made a CBD Oil which tastes very pleasant!

The product we recommend most from R+R Medicinals is their flagship product - CBD Oil Tincture. It is made with a flavorless Organic MCT Oil From Coconut, mild-tasting Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and optionally a hint of Organic Natural Mint Flavoring. The result is a light footprint in your mouth which does not overpower or offend. The mint they use is very mild, and feels natural and healthy. Unlike many brands - we actually look forward to the experience of taking these drops.

R+R Medicinals CBD Oil Is Effective at Pain-Relief & Anti-Anxiety

Everyone takes CBD Oil to feel better. Whether its to reduce pain or anxiety, help you sleep, reduce seizures or any other reason, we all want our CBD to be effective. Unfortunately, CBD products vary quite a bit in their effectiveness and it is on the consumer to know which are the good brands. We have tried hundreds of CBD products and know they're not all worthwile, but there are a few that really stand out as life-changers. R+R Medicinals can be considered a life-changer because the CBD Oil really works - day-to-day use can change your life.

After taking a dose of R+R CBD tincture, it takes about 30 minutes to kick in. In this time, the oil absorbs through your digestive system and into your bloodstream. This is when the effects start to be felt. People feel a reduction in tension, sense of calm, less pain, more focus and other positive effects. The effect lasts about 6 hours, so you can stay in a medicated state by taking oil several times throughout the day. Studies show again and again that the best effects of CBD oil come when people use it all day, every day over several weeks. It gives your body a sustained supportive environment, ideal for deeper healing.

The bottom line in any CBD oil decision is ultimately effectiveness. It doesn't matter what the taste and price are if the product does nothing. So, we are happy to have R+R Medicinals to promote as a CBD oil that won't let you down - it really works! You'll feel an impact the very first time you take it.

R+R Medicinals Has Amazing Prices

CBD oil prices vary widely - the average 1000mg bottle is around $90, but the market ranges from $30 to over $200. At around $47, R+R is one of the lowest priced brands. However, even at this low price, R+R Medicinals quality leads the pack.

We asked the R+R team how they keep their prices so low, while keeping quality up:

Our entire supply chain from our partner USDA Organic farm and extraction to bottling and packaging happens in Colorado. We're able to pass on savings to our customers as we've reduced cost here, and also our carbon footprint by keeping things local and in the community. Also, we deliberately price a bit lower than our competitors as we truly feel everyone should have access to quality CBD; it's one of the pillars of our ethos! Since we're employee-owned and don't serve a group of shareholders, we can really focus on what matters - serving our customers.

- Dave Baugh, R+R Medicinals Co-Founder

We know CBD Oil prices vary widely. Unfortunately, most high prices are the result of poor businesses rather than of better products. In other words, expensive CBD oils are typically no better than inexpensive ones. So, don't be bamboozled into thinking a higher priced CBD oil is better - the real value is here at $47. R+R Medicinals make great products, intentionally priced very affordably.

R+R Medicinals - Creams, Capsules, Gummies & Pet Chews

R+R Medicinals has a place in our hearts for their incredible CBD oil tincture and friendly prices, but there's more positive about them. They take the same quality & affordability driven approach to their whole product line. They make CBD oil capsules, skin creams, gummies and pet chews, which all merit accolades. Their gummies stand apart from the competition by being massive tasty snacks. The creams, capsules and pet chews stand apart for their purity - again, they contain no offensive scents or other unwanted experiences.

Although the CBD oil tincture is what really draws us to R+R, their whole brand personifies care, quality and accessibility.

R+R Medicinals Is USDA Organic

There are hundreds of CBD brands but only a handful are organic. R+R Medicinals is one of the first brands to get this certification. USDA Organic is key for consumers because it means a reputable third party (USDA) is ensuring your products contain no pesticides, herbicides or other potentially harmful chemicals. In many markets (such as food) organic products are more expensive, so a consumer has to choose between price and quality. The CBD shopper does not have to make such a choice because R+R Medicinals has a product which is top-quality organic and also super competitively priced. Seriously folks, there's no reason not to go organic in this case.

R+R Medicinals - An Earned Reputation

R+R Medicinals is our most heavily promoted brand because they sincerely make the best CBD oil option for consumers. Their Organic CBD Oil Tincture leads the pack in effectiveness, taste and price. We stand behind it all day long and you will too once you've tried it.