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EMPE CBD Gummies | Product Review

CBD Gummies by EMPE - Product Review

CBD Gummies made by EMPE are, simply put, the best CBD Gummies we've ever tried. They're also the best CBD product we've tried overall.

People use CBD for a wide variety of reasons, but everyone has one thing in common – we all want our CBD to work well. We want our products to be potent, safe and to bring about positive change in our lives. We want taking CDB to provide a noticeable change in the way we feel, to help us feel better and give us more control in our lives. In this review, we tested CBD Gummies made by EMPE and are happy to report they do work well. In fact, they are the strongest, most reliable product we have ever tried.

We tested the Vegan Organic 750mg CBD Gummies and here are our thoughts.

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EMPE creates quality products because their brand is focused on effectiveness and performance above all else.

The quality of a CBD product is largely driven by the quality of the hemp crop used in production.

Every CBD product is different because every hemp crop is different. Some have a more potent spectrum of cannabinoids than others, and these differences show in the final products. Even two products with 15mg of CBD each may have different amounts of other Cannabinoids, like CBN and CBG. These other canniboinds play an important and well documented role in boosting the potency of a CBD product. EMPE products feel stronger than others on the market, despite the same amount of CBD, so we are guessing that their source hemp has a broader and more potent cannabinoid profile than any competitors.

In our 750mg test pack, each EMPE Gummy contained 15mg of CBD. However, our testers agreed, they felt absolutely stronger than other 15mg products. We think EMPE uses a strain of hemp with higher cannabinoid levels which lead to a stronger "Entourage Effect".

Potent Gummies

If you've tried many CBD products before, you'll know some have more effect than others. We've heard people say that a handful of gummies from one brand might have a similar impact to just a single gummy from another brand. That stronger brand? That's EMPE.

One of our testers is a seasoned cannabis user and claimed a single EMPE gummy was a perfect amount for her. "Two might have been too much." she said. Our other testers agree - the EMPE gummy provided a strong reliable medical effect and became the favorite product around our office.

Why Gummies?

CBD comes in a variety of product forms - Gummies, Tinctures, Vape, Flower, Capsules, Creams and more. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. It turns out, gummies are not just a novelty, there are a number of practical reasons why gummies are a good product choice:

Easy Dosing – Each Gummy in the package contains the same amount of CBD so you will be able to achieve a precision dose every time. Once you have tried them and understand how one gummy effects you, you will then be able to customize your doses according to your state, time of day and desired effects.

Discreet – If being discreet is important to you, then CBD Gummies are the best choice. They look just like regular candy, so you will be able to eat them anywhere without attracting attention. The same cannot be said for more visible obvious methods, like tincture drops, smoking, vaping and topicals.

Delicious – This is a serious problem. These gummies are so delicious it takes willpower to avoid binge eating them. Remember, they're highly medicated, so if you want to binge on candy, go to the corner store and buy some unmedicated gummies. These CBD gummies require restraint and moderation. All that aside, it is an absolute joy eating each and every one of these gummies.

Convenient – CBD Gummies can be kept in your pocket, on your desk, in your car, or anywhere conveniently. Taking one is simple, there's no mess, no prep work and no clean up.

EMPE uses higher quality hemp crops, in turn, EMPE products feel stronger than other similar products.

Outstanding Taste

At risk of piling too much praise on these gummies, they are actually the best tasting CBD edible we've tried. They contain only natural ingredients, so are more like a health-food store product than regular candy.

EMPE Organic Vegan CBD Gummy Ingredients: Organic Cannbidiol (CBD), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, colors from Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Turmeric, Organic Annato, Natural Flavors.

This natural ingredients list pays off, because the gummies taste incredible. Some other gummies use artificial ingredients and flavors, and we find that type of gummy always has some objectionable synthetic flavor in it. These natural EMPE gummies taste great from first bite through aftertaste. They are so joyful to eat that we actually had some bingeing problems.

We are grateful for EMPE Gummies ingredients list. They contain only pure, natural ingredients, so they're good for your body and your taste buds!

The flavor we tried was the 'Mixed Fruit Slices', which included flavors lemon, orange, grape and more. EMPE sells a large variety of CBD gummies, including gummy worms, bears, penguins, rings, strips, sours and fruit slices. They have flavors such as Peach, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Sour and others. The important thing is that all of their gummy products contain the same great CBD formula.

An interesting note, some of our team began consuming the gummies by letting them dissolve in their mouth, rather than chewing. This allowed us to extent the eating pleasure over a longer time, and speculatively, increased the CBD absorbtion by keeping the gummy juice in contact our highly absorbent sublingual membranes longer.

Lemon, Orange and Grape are just three of the exceptional flavors found in EMPE CBD gummies. A 750mg bottle contains about 50 gummies, meaning each gummy contains about 15mg of potent CBD.


The number one reason we recommend EMPE's CBD Gummies is their strong medicinal impact. Ultimately, the most important thing in any CBD product is that the actual CBD has it's intended effect. We have tried many products that are simply weak. We've eaten gummies and taken tinctures that do almost nothing. So when an effective, potent product comes along, we are well primed to sing its praises. Thank you EMPE for being that product; we appreciate having a go-to, reliable CBD brand.

The medicinal impact of eating an EMPE CBD gummy can be felt within an hour of ingestion, and last a few hours. The feeling for most of our testers was very relaxing and almost sedative. One or two gummies was an absolutely perfect way to start a nap, to de-stress in the evening or to ensure deep and sound sleep. I found myself wanting to conserve the EMPE gummies because they work so well. They acted as a backup CBD product, to be used when other CBD products just weren't cutting it. Whenever I want to give a CBD gift, I give EMPE gummies because I know the recipient will feel the benefit. They gummies are strong, and the work every time, which is why we stand behind them fully.

This bottle of EMPE gummies brought immense joy to our office. They are the highest quality product we have ever sampled.

Testing Feedback

Our testers tried EMPE CBD Gummies over two weeks and here are some of the things we heard:

“Very Relaxing” - The number one reason people use CBD is to relax. These gummies are very good at that. We found they were great at initiating naps, before sleep or to stay calm during stressful experiences.

“Magic in a Bottle” - The strength of these gummies can be truly surprising, especially if you've tried other CBD products before that were underwhelming.

“My Go-To.” - Of the numerous CBD prodiucts we have lining the elves of our office. We found ourselves reaching for the bottle of EMPE Gummies most often.

“Strong” - Our team all agreed, EMPE felt like the strongest product we have ever tried. One of our testers, a seasoned Cannabis user, reported that "One gummy was enough. Two would have been too much."

Delicious - We easily could have downed the whole container in one sitting - they are that delicious. "I found myself craving them, even when I didn't need CBD" said one tester. We have tried many CBD gummies and these ones are by far the best tasting ones!

Final Notes: EMPE - The Premier CBD Brand

We waited a long time to write this review, because we wanted try lots of CBD gummies first for comparison sake. After extensive product testing we confidently say these EMPE gummies are our number one recommended product. They're delicious, organic and potent. If you're going to try any CBD product this year, try these. They'll be worth telling people about.

If you would like to purchase a container of EMPE CBD Gummies, you may do so here, or visit EMPE's online store to see their full product selection.

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