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CBD Pain Cream Review | MaxCBD Wellness

CBD Pain Cream Review | MaxCBD Wellness

Five years ago CBD Oil revolutionized my life. It's pain killing properties enabled me to get out of a rut, get my energy back and drop some pain-driven habits. Despite the great impact CBD Oil had on me, it took me until three weeks ago to try a CBD Topical, and let me say, my life is revolutionized again!

The folks at MaxCBD Wellness offered to send me some of their Topical CBD Pain Cream in exchange for a review. I was happy to get the chance, but completely clueless about the product. I had never used topicals before, I don't have much experience putting anything on my skin. In my experience, medicine was taken by mouth. So I was eager to try, but my expectations were blank.

Receiving the MaxCBD Wellness package in the mail was a very exciting moment. I live in an area where it can be difficult to get CBD, so I was amped that the package arrived. I immediately ripped it open and applied the cream to a couple sore spots on my knees and neck.

The MaxCBD Wellness Pain Cream is a light consistency, non-oily product. It rubs dry immediately. The cream contains menthol crystals. These give it a minty scent and more importantly, an instant cooling effect on your skin and body. This is useful when you need quick relief from pain, the cream starts helping as soon as you apply it.

Beyond the menthol, this cream contains TONS OF CBD. In a 154g bottle, there is 1000mg of CBD, which is a pretty high concentration compared to pain creams from other brands. As I've noted in other reviews, MaxCBD Wellness is SERIOUS about pain relief. The CBD pairs well with menthol because while menthol works right away, the CBD provides a deeper pain relief that takes about 20 minutes to kick in. The combination of menthol and CBD mean the cream provides both fast acting AND deep long lasting relief. (There's actually tons of science on CBD topicals. Applying CBD cream is a well supported, safe and effective way to get CBD directly to sore areas. LINK, LINK, LINK, LINK)

MaxCBD Wellness Topical Pain Relief is a minty, CBD-filled cream that rubs dry.

MaxCBD Wellness has been a favorite brand of mine, as well as with others around the office. They are really focused on producing effective pain-relief products. They make CBD Oils and CBD Topicals, but do not make vapes, edibles or any other category - they are focused on seriously effective pain relief. I can appreciate this, as the CBD market is saturated right now with brands that want to be everything to everyone, and in doing so, fail to excel in any one place. MaxCBD Wellness has avoided this by staying truly focused on helping people looking for effective pain relief.

MaxCBD's committment to helping people goes beyond making products - they also offer a free phone consultation service. Call them toll free at 1-888-222-8829 and one of their healthcare specialists will listen to your problem and help you understand which product would be most effective. This can help you choose the right product the first time, saving money, time and effort.

Since trying the MaxCBD Wellness Pain Relief Cream I have become a committed ambassador for CBD topicals. I went from never trying topicals to using them every day. To anyone who expereinces regular pain, I recommend trying MaxCBD Wellness' CBD Pain Relief Cream. It could make a huge difference in your life immediately. Thank you to MaxCBD Wellness for opening my eyes to this great product; my life is forever changed.

For more info about MaxCBD Wellness products, or to make a purchase, visit MaxCBd Wellness' Online Store.

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