Best 4 CBD Edibles in Canada

From Empe

CBD Vegan Gummy Worms

1500 mg CBD

EMPE's CBD Vegan Gummy Worms

CBD Gummy Worms are a great way to get started with edibles. Tasty and chewy, each candy’s taste is very similar to popular gummy candies on the market, making them a great treat for fans of traditional sweets. Where EMPE USA Gummies differ from traditional candies is our inclusion of organic CBD, as well as other ingredients, designed to help promote a sense of calm and overall wellness.

  • 30 Gummy of Hemp Based, CBD Isolate CBD Gummies
  • 1500 mg CBD in package
  • 50 mg CBD / 1 Gummy serving
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CBD Gummies

Eat 1 - 8 Gummies daily depending on dose needs.

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EMPE USA is an online retail store based in the United States of America that offers quality cannabidiol products of a wide variety. As a company located in the USA, all our hemp and CBD brands are grown, harvested and manufactured locally. From the location of production, till the goods get to our retail stores, our team of quality assurance personnel are always careful to ensure our products are safe and well handled. Ultimately, we only guarantee excellence in our business such that our customers would have absolute trust in our brands.


From Santeer

Santeer Renew Tablets

250 mg CBD

Santeer's Santeer Renew Tablets

Green Roads CBD RELAX Gummies are the most delicious way to consume all-natural CBD in a convenient gummy snack. Pharmacist-formulated and infused with 10mg CBD per gummy, RELAX Gummies can make any situation more relaxing.

  • 50 Tablet of Hemp Based, Broad Spectrum CBD Chewable Tablet
  • 250 mg CBD in package
  • 5 mg CBD / 1 Tablet serving
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CBD Chewable Tablet

Swallow tablet with water or other fluids. Tablets may take 45 minutes or longer to take effect and last for several hours. Take 1-3 times daily as needed.

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Optimized bioavailability, convenient to carry and dose, our natural ingredients and formulations for your needs make Santeer's products the best in breed.


From American Hemp Oil

CBD Gummies

1500 mg CBD

American Hemp Oil's CBD Gummies

American Hemp Oil assorted CBD gummies provide users with a great way to integrate CBD into your daily schedule. Our CBD gummies come in 30 day supply bottles available in 750mg(25mg) or 1500mg(50mg). American Hemp Oil gummies are made with pure CBD oil obtained from American-grown industrial hemp. Packed in the same facility as peanuts, tree-nuts, wheat, soy and milk products.

  • 30 Gummies of Hemp Based, CBD Isolate CBD Gummies
  • 1500 mg CBD in package
  • 50 mg CBD / 1 Gummies serving
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CBD Gummies

Eat 1 - 8 Gummies daily depending on dose needs.

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American Hemp Oil

At American Hemp Oil, our mission is to offer consumers a one-stop source for all their CBD needs. We strive to deliver the most comprehensive information about cannabidiol (CBD) online by using science and research as our guides. As part of our mission to make CBD more accessible to the public, we also offer high-quality CBD products made with the best natural ingredients.


From Calm by Wellness

Hemp CBD Gummies

300 mg CBD

Calm by Wellness' Hemp CBD Gummies

Remind yourself of your younger days with these fruity little CBD gummies. ZERO THC and the perfect way to kickstart your day, you’ll definitely be coming back for more. It’s blended with the best formula to achieve a stress-free, calm mind!

  • 30 Gummy of Hemp Based, Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies
  • 300 mg CBD in package
  • 10 mg CBD / 1 Gummy serving
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CBD Gummies

Eat 1 - 8 Gummies daily depending on dose needs.

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Calm by Wellness

We are a community of doctors, scientists, farmers, researchers, and everyday people who have made Calm by Wellness the most recommended Hemp CBD oil in the world. How? With more verified reviews and testimonials than any other brand. We’re not here to make any medical claims, but let the stories of thousands of customers around the world tell us how they feel, and the difference Calm by Wellness CBD has made in their lives. There’s a difference in our CBD oil. We’ve developed one-of-a-ki