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Best CBD Gifts for Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day is the perfect time of year to do something fun! Why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a CBD based gift? CBD has potential health benefits, such as inducing a sense of calm and relaxation, so it's perfect for setting the mood on a romantic February evening. 

CBD has found its way into many lines of products, including lubes and massage oils, chocolates (obviously), bath bombs, flower arrangements and more. Another type of gift is an experiential gift, like a cooking class you do together. Experiential gifts can be the greatest way to foster the Valentine's day spirit between you and your loved one. We'll look at some of the best gifts for you to experience together, as well as gifts for him and for her. Whoever is in your heart this Valentine's Day, there is a CBD gift they will love. Here's a list of great ideas to get you started shopping for Valentines Day 2020!

CBD Gifts for Both of You

Arguably, the best gifts are experiences you can have together. There's something super romantic about learning to cook a new dish together at a Valentine's cooking class. This year, you'll have Cannabis Cooking Classes to choose from, so you can merge your passions for spending time together, cooking and a little cannabis. Other events that inspire bonding can include Cannabis Tours (visiting farms, dispensaries and canna-ounges) and Cannabis Crafts classes (such as Puff, Pass, Paint's Cannabis-friendly nude life-drawing classes). Regardless of your hobbies and loves, there is likely a Cannabis event based around your interests.

Gift for Couples #1: Cannabis Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a romantic way to spend time together, learn something new and up your adulting game. This year, Cooking with Cannabis classes are available in most major cities. Learn to make Brunch, Dinner, Dessert or any of your favorite dishes with a little Cannabis added. If you're in Toronto, check out the Cannabis Cooking Company. Folks in Colorado can find classes at If you live elsewhere, use Google to see if there's a Cannabis Cooking Class offered near you!

Gift for Couples #2: Cannabis and Activities

You can now combine cannabis with many of your favorite activites. Ganja Yoga (yoga classes where weed smoking happens) have been around for a few years, but now other activites are jumping on the canna-train. Puff, Pass, Paint is a company that offers cannabis friendly painting, pottery and cooking classes. Visit to see their courses in Denver, NorCal, SoCal, Washington, Portland, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Boston, Pheonix and more.

Gift for Couples #3: CBD Expo

If you or your partner love everything CBD, a CBD EXPO could be your idea of heaven. A CBD EXPO is a large trade show featuring exhibits by hundreds of CBD producers, expert speakers and probably the world's largest selection of CBD products for sale. Attending a CBD EXPO is an exciting time, learning about new products, meeting other CBD enthusiasts and taking home some cool goods. A CBD EXPO is usually an overall great time for everyone involved.

In the United States, the largest CBD EXPO happens in Las Vegas, February 13th-15th, so could be a perfect Valentine's getaway! The same organization also puts on similar shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Uncasville and Medellin, Colombia throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the USA CBD EXPO.

In the United Kingdom, the Hemp and CBD EXPO is the largest and most well attended event and happens February 29th - March 1st in Birmingham.

To find an event near you, check out

Gift for Couples #4: CBD Lube

Massage oil made with broad-spectrum CBD and botanical oils. This aphrodisiac blend is formulated for women, and claims to enhance tactile sensation & pleasure. Although this gift is formulated for her, we are quite sure most people would gladly share it with their Valentine.

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Gift for Couples #5: CBD Sexual Enhancement Capsules

According to CannaMojo, these sexual enhancement pills are for the man that is committed to greatness. CBD is a natural aphrodisiac, used in folk medicine dating back thousands of years, increasing desire, sensitivity, orgasm intensity and confidence. CannaMojo capsules contain 25mg CBD, a blend of natural sexual enhancers and 10mg of THC. This means, you get the 'entourage effect' of CBD and THC working together, and also a 'gentle, clearheaded high'.

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Gift for Couples #6: CBD Love Bundle

This product bundle from Savage CBD is designed for Valentine's Day. It contains CBD Gummies, CBD Lotion, and CBD Bath Epsom Salts. Savage CBD is a leader in the CBD industry, with a large variety of products that come highly recommended.

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CBD Gifts For Him

Men love getting great gifts.  They appreciate gifts that point to thoughtfullness, quality & timelessness. Here are a few gifts we know any CBD-loving man would appreciate.

Gift for Him #1: CBD Cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes are made with flower of the Hemp plant. They do not contain tobacco or nicotine. As such Hemp Cigarettes can be considered a healthier option for those wanting a smoke. Give your man something cool, trendy and new this Valentines - a pack of Hemp Cigarettes. There are plenty of brands to choose from; these Lucky Leaf packs contain about 7% CBD and almost zero THC. They have great flavor and leave no smell on your clothing.

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Gift for Him #2: CBD Moustache Cement

CBD Caring sells this CBD-infused moustache cement. For the man who wants to groom his hairy face. It helps in styling and smoothing for healthy, shiny facial hair and skin. CBD Caring mentions this 'stach cement helps give great moustache rides too!

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Gift for Him #3: CBD Infused Protien Snacks


For the active man - a high protien snack on the go. Velobar won Men's Health's 2019 CBD Best Protien Snack Award. These bars are made from nutritious, high-protein superfoods and contain pure cannabidiol from premium American-grown hemp, so they're as good for your body as they are for your mind. Give your man these snacks, to keep him going, and chill, all throughout the day.

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CBD Gifts For Her

Women love a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Whether it be something to help her relax, or to have fun, anything with care put into it is appreciated.

Gift for Her #1: CBD Bath Bombs


There is no better way to relax than soaking in a warm tub. Actually, there was no better way, until someone created CBD Bath Bombs and made it possible to add CBD to the experience. Bath bombs contain CBD and other relaxing components such as Epsom salts and Fragrant Essential Oils. Just add one bath bomb to your tub, and watch as it transforms your bathwater into an elixir. Obviously, we think these are best used with candles and an empty schedule.

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Gift for Her #2: CBD Tea


CBD makes you calm. Chamomile makes you calm. CBD Chamomile tea makes you... calm calm? We tried this tea from Good Day and absolutely loved it. The flavors of Chamomile and Cannabis blend really well together and it just works. We recommend this for everyone who loves a good drink!

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Gift for Her #3: CBD Wellness Bundle


For newcomers to CBD, a great way to dip your toe in the water is a product bundle. This wellness package from Smilyn contains products anyone can add to their daily wellness routine to help live a healthier lifestyle at an introductory price. This package includes:

  • CBD Mixed Fruit Gummies
  • CBD Face Mask
  • Bottle of CBD Soft Gels - 750mg
  • CBD tincture - 1000mg

It's fun to try different products, and learn which one's you love most! Right now, this bundle is on sale at a huge discount to make trying CBD products accessible to everyone.

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Happy Valentine's Day 2020!

This Valentine's Day, give your special someone something they will love. Give them your time, give them your love, and give them some CBD. Some gifts are fun, like CBD snacks, some are a great way to spend time together, like a Cannabis Cooking Class, or attending a CBD EXPO, and some are more in the romantic sphere (we're looking at you CBD Lube). Regardless of what you choose, we know that if you put thought and care into your gift plans, you will have a great Valentine's Day 2020.