Best 50 CBD Oil Brands in 2021 - Data-Driven Infographic

Choosing the right CBD brand is easy when you're informed. Knowing which brands are safe, effective and fairly-priced means you can buy the right product every time. Use this list to learn about the 50 most popular CBD brands in the world today. These brands are popular with good reason; they offer the most consistent and effective products that have customers feeling better and coming back. This list is data based - not opinion based. The brands are ordered according to their Alexarank - a 3rd party ranking system which estimates the number of website visitors for each. The CBD brands with the most webtraffic are the most popular.

#1  Charlotte's Web

Rank #1: Up one spot from number two last year.

Quick Highlight: Charlotte's Web started the CBD industry with a newsmaking success story in 2012.

Consumer Insight: Charlotte's Web is credited with sparking the global acceptance of CBD. Their oil tincture made headlines in 2012 for helping a young girl named Charlotte Figi alleviate symptoms of a rare epilepsy. Since then CBD has become legal in many countries around the world and has grown markedly in popularity. Charlotte's Web continue to be industry leaders through exceptional products, advancing CBD science and giving back to a diverse spectrum of charities. Their flagship product, the CBD oil that helped Charlotte Figi, is their Charlotte's Web Original Formula CBD Oil.

#2  cbdMD


Rank #2: Up five spots from number seven last year.

Quick Highlight: Decent pricing on CBD tinctures, gummies, capsules and topicals.

Consumer Insight: cbdMD is the top ten brand that grew the most since last year. They offer CBD oils, gummies, topicals, pet products and more. They even have CBD for Cats - tinctures and gummies flavored with Catnip. You probably recognize the cbdMD logo - they advertise everywhere and sponsor high profile athletes. cbdMD is growing at such a rate that we expect they will be the number one brand next year.

#3  CBDfx


Rank #3: Up two spots from number five last year.

Quick Highlight: Multivitamin CBD Gummies - good for a daily multivitamin taker who also wants CBD.

Consumer Insight: CBDfx is well-known and has a wide product selection. They have established trust with consumers by making reliable and well-priced products. CBDfx has something cool - Multivitamin CBD Gummies. These gummies contain Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Folic Acid and everything else you could want in a daily. They also taste delicious! Choose the Womens or Mens formula and take two gummies per day.

#4  Medterra


Rank #4: Up five spots from number nine last year.

Quick Highlight: Daytime and Nighttime capsules.

Consumer Insight: Like most top ten brands, Medterra carries CBD tinctures, gummies and topicals, but their strength is their CBD capsules. Medterra has formulated "nighttime" and "daytime" CBD capsules to help you wake up in the morning and fall asleep easy at night. These capsules are made with CBD plus other herbs and nutrients, such as Valerian Root, Lion's Mane and Ashwagandha. Medterra also has formulas for "eye health" and "stress support". If you're interested in herb-CBD blends, check out Medterra.

#5  CBDistillery

Rank #5: Up one spot from number six last year.

Quick Highlight: Affordable and popular.

Consumer Insight: CBDistillery is affordable and will have something for everyone. Their prices are amongst the lowest on this list. A 1000mg CBD Oil goes for around $60 - well below the industry average of $90. They have a proven offering of oils, gummies, topicals and softgels.

#6  Green Roads


Rank #6: Up two spots from number eight last year.

Quick Highlight: Hemp Coffee, because today I am super(wo)man!

Consumer Insight: Green Roads has presence in stores all across America. They create some unique products such as CBD bath bombs, immune support gummies, sleep products and hemp coffee (yes, it's half coffee grinds, half hemp flower). We love the hemp coffee and the way it makes us feel awake, alert, focused, calm and productive.

If you're new to CBD and want to try a variety of products - check out the Green Roads Beginner Bundle. It contains CBD oil, relax gummies, sleep gummies, muscle & joint cream and much more. It's fairly priced and is for first time customers only.

#7  Joy Organics


Rank #7: Down four spots from number three last year.

Quick Highlight: Want Organic? Go with Joy.

Consumer Insight: Joy Organics are organics leaders. They are the first big brand to make USDA Certified Organic CBD products. It doesn't surprise us - Joy has always been a leader in safety and quality. They make highly reputable oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, pet products and more. Check out their new clearance section where overflow products are sold at steep discount. Joy also is a business leader in the CBD industry, providing guidance and resources for smaller, growing CBD companies.

#8  Lazarus Naturals

Rank #8: Up four spots from number twelve last year.

Quick Highlight: Most Affordable Top Ten Brand.

Consumer Insight: Lazarus Naturals is known for keeping prices down and potency up. They are the most affordable top ten brand, priced about 50% below average. Their strategy is to keep all the steps of production in house, minimizing external costs and uncontrollable expenses. Efficiency within their business means lower prices for all of us. Lazarus also creates large bottle sizes that you can't find anywhere else. Their 6,000mg CBD tincture 4oz is a great product for people who use a lot of CBD Oil. The price is the most affordable anywhere on this list, and the large bottle means you go longer before re-ordering.

#9  Pure Kana


Rank #9: Down five spots from number four last year.

Quick Highlight: Most Expensive Top Ten Brand.

Consumer Insight: Pure Kana is the most expensive top ten brand. They remain popular despite high prices due to extensive instagram influencer campaigns and products that work. Pure Kana is grown in Kentucky, where hemp has provided a new industry for struggling tobacco farmers. All their products are non-GMO and contain no pesticides, solvents, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

#10  Nuleaf

Rank #10: Up four spots from number fourteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Specialize in alternate cannabinoids: CBN CBG, CBC and Delta-8 THC.

Consumer Insight: Nuleaf differs from the competition by highlighting lesser known cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC and Delta-8 THC. At Nuleaf you can buy tinctures for each of these cannabinoids. Each offers a different effect:

  • - CBN is a powerful sedative, helpful for sleep.
  • - CBG helps regulate mood and appetite.
  • - CBC has strong painkilling properties.
  • - Delta-8 THC acts like "mild THC" so it can help with nausea, pain and anxiety, and may get you a little bit high.

#11  Beam


Rank #11: Up twelve spots from number twenty-three last year.

Quick Highlight: Performance Drink Powders.

Consumer Insight: Beam specialize in CBD drink powders for energy, sleep, skin and digestive health. This brand was created by former professional athletes looking for something healthy and transparent to put in their sensitive, high performance bodies. Their powders also contain a huge variety of scientifically proven herbs and supplements such as: citrulline, himalayan salt, magnesium glycinate, BCAA, sodium hyaluronate, green coffee bean extract, prebiotics, probiotics, Vitamin D, B vitamins, beetroot powder and more.

#12  CBD American Shaman

Rank #12: Down one spot from number eleven last year.

Quick Highlight: Diverse selection of CBD edibles including sugar free gummies, hard candies and popcorn.

Consumer Insight: American Shaman has some unique products including CBD lollipops, hard candies, gum, honey, brownies and popcorn. They have retail stores located all throughout the US, so you're able to walk in and shop in person. An in-person salesperson can often be more helpful than any amount of online reading. As with many CBD brands, American Shaman is often running a sale - right now, sign up to their email list and save 20% on your order.

#13  Bluebird Botanicals

Rank #13: Up six spots from number nineteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Great brand for small bottles.

Consumer Insight: Bluebird Botanicals has good prices, especially on small dose bottles. Their classic CBD Oil with 250mg of CBD is just $20! If you like just a little bit of CBD and you don't want to spend much, we recommend you go with Bluebird Botanicals.

#14  Thoughtcloud


Rank #14: Up eighteen spots from number thirty-two last year.

Quick Highlight: 100% vegan.

Consumer Insight: All of ThoughtCloud's products are 100% Vegan, including their beauty products. Our favorite is their CBD face masks which come in charcoal, jojoba, acne and sensitive skin formulations.

#15  Endoca


Rank #15: Down five spots from number ten last year.

Quick Highlight: Faster shipping within Europe.

Consumer Insight: Endoca is one of the world's first online CBD companies. They started as a free, herb-based clinic in Denmark in the early 2000s and over time evolved into the worldwide hemp CBD producer they are today. Endoca is European based so is a great option for European customers.

#16  Ananda Hemp


Rank #16: Up thirty-one spots from number forty-seven last year.

Quick Highlight: Intimacy Lube

Consumer Insight: Ananda Hemp is directed by Dr. Alex Capano - a healthcare specialist whose focus is on sexual and reproductive medicine. With her expertise, Ananda formulated Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil - a CBD lubricant intended to help stimulate and soothe during physical intimacy. The oil contains cannabinoids, terpenes, almond oil, organic cacao, peppermint, black pepper and L-Arginine; all supposed to promote blood flow and increase natural lubrication. Buyer beware, the peppermint and black pepper essential oils are meant to add some heat!

#17  Neurogan


Rank #17: Up seven spots from number twenty-four last year.

Quick Highlight: World's most potent CBD Oil - 12,000mg CBD in a 2oz bottle.

Consumer Insight: Neurogan is founded by a danish man who watched his grandma drink hemp tea every day and he decided to bring her tradition to market. They sell CBD Tea and a wide variety of other CBD products. We love Neurogan as they are affordable and consistent high quality. They even have a few really unique products, such as the most potent CBD tincture on the market and CBD snacks for horses.

#18  Elixinol


Rank #18: Down five spots from number thirteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Consumer-centric marketing.

Consumer Insight: Elixinol has an outstanding website. It has a very educational tone and their CBD 101 page is one of the nicest consumer resources we've read. Many CBD websites have a quiz to help you choose a product, but Elixinol's Product Finder Quiz is the clearest and most straight forward we've ever used.

#19  Hemp Bombs


Rank #19: Up fifteen spots from number thirty-four last year.

Quick Highlight: Fun brand with a wide selection.

Consumer Insight: Hemp Bombs has a fun brand and affordable prices. The variety of their selection is impressive. They have gummies, lollipops, capsules, tinctures, bath bombs, lotion, transdermal patches, beard oil, tattoo ointment and more.

#20  Fab CBD


Rank #20: Same position as last year.

Quick Highlight: Pet Chews, Tinctures and Skincare.

Consumer Insight: Fab CBD is quality across the board. They have oils, topicals and gummies that come in "Anytime" and "Nighttime" options. A standout product is their Corn-Free, Wheat-Free- Soy-Free Pet Chews - CBD dog treats made with Oats, Peanut Butter, Apples, Tapioca Syrup, Coconut Oil, Passionflower, Chamomile and Organically Grown Hemp Extract Oil.

#21  Plant People


Rank #21: Down four spots from number seventeen last year.

Quick Highlight: Mushroom Medicine Specialists.

Consumer Insight: Plant People are mushroom specialists! That's right, in addition to CBD, Plant People have a whole line of advanced mushroom medicines! Some of the mushrooms in their health-boosting products include Chaga, Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane. If you love plant medicine and are looking for something extra, we recommend a mushroom product from Plant People.

#22  Lord Jones


Rank #22: Up six spots from number twenty-eight last year.

Quick Highlight: Celeb-endorsed.

Consumer Insight: Lord Jones is a CBD company owned by make-up mega-corporation Sephora. They have made news by being a go-to choice for style conscious celebs and have a devoted following. They gained popularity when Jessica Alba posted on her instagram that Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion is her "secret weapon for long nights out".

#23  Papa & Barkley

Rank #23: Up twenty-three spots from number forty-six last year.

Quick Highlight: Nice packaging.

Consumer Insight: A company named after the founder's dad and his dog. Papa & Barkley has products for sleep, stress, relaxation, muscle soreness, post-workout recovery, mobility, skin and more. Their products are beautiful looking - we'd say their packaging quality is a slight step above most.

#24  Diamond CBD


Rank #24: Down six spots from number eighteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Discount retailer.

Consumer Insight: Diamond CBD is a discount retailer who always has lots of products on sale. They carry many unique items, including CBD coffee pods, tea pods and matcha mix, Delta-8 THC gummies (Delta-8 is popular as a THC substitute) and Smokable Hemp Flower Strains.

#25  Sunday Scaries

Rank #25: Up twelve spots from number thirty-seven last year.

Quick Highlight: Potent, fun products.

Consumer Insight: Sunday Scaries is a fun brand with fun products. Their gummies and tinctures are big on flavor and potency. We tried their Unicorn Jerky and can recommend it wholeheartedly - it was delicious and strong. Their tincture flavors are also a step above the competition. We think Sunday Scaries is a tasty, effective and wholesome brand. Be sure to check out their Bra Bearies - CBD gummies that support Breast Cancer Research.

#26  Blosum CBD


Rank #26: Up nine spots from number thirty-five last year.

Quick Highlight: Ultra-potent CBD lip balm

Consumer Insight: Blosum CBD has a luxurious brand look, with a standard line-up of Oils, Gummies, and Topicals. A standout product is their ultra-potent CBD lip balm.

#27  Koi


Rank #27: Up three spots from number thirty last year.

Quick Highlight: Delta-8 THC Gummies - like "mild THC".

Consumer Insight: The cute Koi fish logo is a symbol of love and friendship - very much in the spirit of CBD. Koi has been around for over half a decade and offers a tried and trusted line of Oils, Gummies and Topicals. They are also one of select brands to start selling Delta-8 THC gummies.

#28  Cheef Botanicals

Rank #28: Up twenty-five spots from number fifty-three last year.

Quick Highlight: Largest Variety of Smokable Hemp Flower.

Consumer Insight: Cheef Botanicals has the largest selection of smokable hemp flower strains. Choose from flowers or pre-rolls and strains including Bubba Kush, Durban Diesel, Hawaiian Haze, Purple Gas, Skywalker OG and more.

Cheef Botanicals are also CBG specialists (the mood regulating cannabinoid). They created a line of CBG products which are great for lifting mood without sleepiness or psychoactivity.

#29  Receptra Naturals

Rank #29: Down fourteen spots from number fifteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Exciting CBD + Arnica Products.

Consumer Insight: In their store, Receptra carries Arnica + CBD topicals - an outstanding blend for toning skin and calming your mind. If you are into natural remedies and haven't tried Arnica yet, this product's for you!

Also, like many CBD companies, Receptra has some great charitable endeavours. They give big discounts to military veterans and also donate a portion of revenue to Women's Health and Animal Care charities.

#30  Premium Jane


Rank #30: Down fourteen spots from number sixteen last year.

Quick Highlight: Good Skincare Line.

Consumer Insight: Premium Jane has an excellent skincare line. Their cocoa butter and eucalyptus salves are the most natural, pleasant smelling and effective products on the market. The coca butter is powerful! It contains 1500mg of CBD, making it one of the strongest CBD skin products we've reviewed. Jane also makes day & night creams, exfoliant scrub and facial cleanser.

#31  Royal CBD


Rank #31: Down thirty spots from number one last year.

Quick Highlight: Ranked Number One in 2020. Fell 30 places this year.

Consumer Insight: Royal CBD was the #1 most visited CBD brand last year (and #1 on this list), but in 2021 they have fallen 30 places to #31.

They market themselves as an "Ultra-Premium" brand - and their prices reflect this - they are one of the most expensive CBD brands.

#32  CBD Pure


Rank #32: Down eleven spots from number twenty-one last year.

Quick Highlight: High Quality CBD Oil.

Consumer Insight: CBD Pure is known for using high quality Colorado and Washington Hemp. They don't have the biggest variety of products, but they do have a CBD Oil with a very high reputation for purity.

#33  Veritas Farms

Rank #33: Up eighteen spots from number fifty-one last year.

Quick Highlight: Sustainable Farming Brand.

Consumer Insight: Veritas Farms is an eco-conscious brand. Located in the Colorado foothills, the people at Veritas grow their own hemp and control the process from seed to sale. Being fully integrated means Veritas can produce consistent high quality while minimizing impact on the environment. We love Veritas' commitment to sustainable farming and their healthy CBD products. As they say on their website: "The best hemp products come from the best hemp."

#34  Real Scientific Hemp Oil


Rank #34: Up one hundred twenty-four spots from number one hundred fifty-eight last year.

Quick Highlight: Fastest Growing Brand Overall.

Consumer Insight: Real Scientific Hemp Oil has shown tremendous growth in the last year. They went from 158th to 34th, an unparalleled rise of 124 positions. We attribute their success to a varied line that has something for everyone, and some unique products that you can't find anywhere else. One such product is the Maximum Strength Pure CBD Oil, a ridiculously powerful, pure hemp extract. It's a goo that comes in a plastic syringe - use it by dispensing a rice- sized amount onto your tongue. A good option for people who want very high doses of CBD.

#35  Green Garden Gold

Rank #35: Up twenty-three spots from number fifty-eight last year.

Quick Highlight: CBG Gummies - a mood lifter without sleepiness or psychoactivity.

Consumer Insight: Green Garden Gold has a wide selection of products and decent pricing. They carry oils, gummies, pet products, capsules and topicals. They also have a few non-cbd products, like Delta-8 gummies and CBG gummies both of which are known to elevate mood.

#36  Penguin CBD


Rank #36: Up fourteen spots from number fifty last year.

Quick Highlight: A New, Fast Growing Brand.

Consumer Insight: Penguin CBD is a relatively new brand, launching in 2019, but their popularity has grown quickly. They have a simple product line-up, attractive branding and a nice looking website. Penguin CBD is fun and we can see why people love them, even if it's just for their cute logo.

#37  Populum


Rank #37: Up one spot from number thirty-eight last year.

Quick Highlight: Transparency and Communication.

Consumer Insight: Populum excels at communicating with customers. Their website is well-written and clear - their lab tests, ingredients lists and production process are available and transparent. Populum's top values are ethics and honesty, which makes us feel like we're in good hands. They create safe and healthy products for people who prefer simplicity over complexity.

#38  Hemplucid


Rank #38: Up four spots from number forty-two last year.

Quick Highlight: Admirable Teamwork.

Consumer Insight: We love when everybody at a company joins together on a group project. The team at Hemplucid did this when they created the Hemplucid University video series - a series that explains everything you need to know about CBD. It appears like everyone at the company took part, taking time on camera to explain the benefits of CBD to website visitors. We love the team effort and seeing the people behind the scenes on camera for once.

#39  Verma Farms


Rank #39: Up five spots from number forty-four last year.

Quick Highlight: CBD Dried Fruit

Consumer Insight: The Hawaiian CBD brand. Verma farms is an organic, seed-to-sale CBD producer located on the island of Maui. They make a best-selling unique product - CBD Dried Fruit (Mango, Papaya & Pineapple). They're naturally delicious, powerful medicated treats. To sweeten things further, all US orders ship free.

#40  Made By Hemp


Rank #40: Down four spots from number thirty-six last year.

Quick Highlight: Representing the US Midwest.

Consumer Insight: While most brands on this list are from Colorado, California or other south or western states, Made By Hemp proudly represents the US Midwest. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they're making a name for themselves by producing a solid CBD line-up. We are happy to see companies from all over achieving success in the CBD industry - people everywhere deserve to have their health, economy and lives improved by the hemp industry's growth.

#41  Savage CBD


Rank #41: Up thirteen spots from number fifty-four last year.

Quick Highlight: Flavored CBD Vape Juice.

Consumer Insight: Savage CBD are vape juice connoisseurs. They produce a large variety of exotic flavors that will keep your vape senses stimulated. Their most popular are "Driven" and "Passion", but our favorite is "Tranquil" - a tropical blend that takes us to a caribbean beach. Savage frequently runs sales, so they're very budget friendly.

#42  Plus CBD


Rank #42: Down sixteen spots from number twenty-six last year.

Quick Highlight: CBD Oil Spray - good for quick, one handed usage.

Consumer Insight: +PlusCBD produces CBD oral sprays. These are small spray bottles which allow one-handed usage. Simply lift the bottle to your mouth and spray on your tongue. This is great for using CBD on the go, in the car, in public, or anywhere else quickly and/or discreetly. Our editors love the spray format because it allows dosing without a moment away from the task at hand.

#43  Melon CBD


Rank #43: Up eighteen spots from number sixty-one last year.

Quick Highlight: CBD + Emu Oil Skin Products.

Consumer Insight: Melon CBD offers a CBD skin lotion made with Emu Oil. This oil is from the Emu bird which can act as a skin moisturizer, improve wounds, scars, and sun damage, help hair and nail growth, and prevent skin aging. Melon CBD is the only brand we came across to blend CBD in Emu Oil.

#44  Pure Spectrum CBD

Rank #44: Up thirty-three spots from number seventy-seven last year.

Quick Highlight: First CBD Brand to Sponsor Team USA.

Consumer Insight: Pure Spectrum CBD sponsors many professional athletes, including Team USA Weightlifting and USA Triathalon - becoming the first CBD company to sponsor a nationally governed athletic team. They also sponsor NFL players, Swimmers, MMA Fighters, Fitness Models and Crossfit Competitors. Pure Spectrum has a regular strength line and a Black Label ultra-high strength line.

#45  Pure Relief


Rank #45: Up twenty-five spots from number seventy last year.

Quick Highlight: Powerful Smokable Hemp Flower.

Consumer Insight: Pure Relief offers a good selection of smokable hemp flower. They have pre-rolls and joints. Some of their strains include Space Force and Cherry Chocolate Chip, which boast impressive CBD concentrations of 16%.

#46  Social CBD


Rank #46: Down five spots from number forty-one last year.

Quick Highlight: CBD Gummies with extra ingredients to make you chill hard.

Consumer Insight: When is a CBD Gummy not just a CBD gummy? When it's a Social CBD Chill Gummy. These gummies are packed with rest inducing ingredients such as GABA, L-Theanine and Lemon Balm. The net result is a gummy that acts with your physiology creating an irresistible urge to lay on the couch. In our search for the internet's best CBD gummies, Social CBD ranks in the top 5 for these unique, well-formulated and ultra-effective "Chill" gummies.

#47  EcoSciences


Rank #47: Up thirty-three spots from number seventy-nine last year.

Quick Highlight: Crafted Terpene Blends.

Consumer Insight: EcoSciences uses crafted terpene blends to bring specific actions to their CBD tinctures. For example, they have a Sleep tincture which has Linalool and alpha-Bisabolol added to it - natural cannabinoids which calm and bring sleep. Where other brands often use melatonin, vitamins and other added compounds to achieve specific results, EcoSciences keeps their approach cannabis-only by using calculated terpene mixes. The results are great tasting and effective tinctures. Along with their Sleep tincture, they also have blends to help with Mood Elevation, Pain-Relief and Mental Concentration.

#48  Nanocraft CBD


Rank #48: Down twenty-six spots from number twenty-two last year.

Quick Highlight: Engineered for Athletes.

Consumer Insight: Nanocraft targets athletes by making some unique athlete-friendly products. Their daytime tincture uses CBG, B12 and caffeine to boost energy and mood. Their nighttime tincture uses CBN, lavender, passionflower and melatonin to induce deep sleep. Energy Water, Supergreens Powder and an All-Purpose CBD Skin Stick are other unique Nanocraft products. The company sponsors a ton of professional athletes, focusing on surfers, skate and snowboarders, mma fighters and other adventure athletes.

#49  Amberwing Organics

Rank #49: Up twenty-three spots from number seventy-two last year.

Quick Highlight: Best Value Vegan CBD Gummies.

Consumer Insight: Amberwings has great priced vegan gummies. Their Full Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies cost less that $40 and contain 600mg of CBD - that makes them about half the price of comparable products. We don't know how Amberwings does it, but they've managed to put out the most value-oriented vegan CBD gummies on this list.

#50  Mineral


Rank #50: Up five spots from number fifty-five last year.

Quick Highlight: Stylish Website.

Consumer Insight: Mineral is a sleek and trendy brand with a unique modern website. Mineral will appeal mostly to stylish consumers, but their website is worth checking out for anyone - we love their beautiful and informative Ingredients page. They carry a simple, but high quality line of tinctures and beauty products.

50 Most Popular CBD Brands

These CBD brands are getting the most website visitors in 2021. They sell a huge variety of products, including CBD Oil tinctures, gummies, topicals, flowers, vape, tea, coffee, candies and much more. If you want to buy CBD, one of the companies in this list will have a quality option for you.

Best wishes in your journey to better living. We hope CBD and the information here can help you. If you have any questions or comments, please email Did we miss a brand? Let us know and we'll update our rankings. Until next year, good CBD shopping and health be with you.